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Rotating Profile Dinner Date For Single 30 & 40 Somethings

Rotating Profile Dinner Date For Single 30 & 40 Somethings


This event is guaranteed to be fun, casual and the perfect backdrop for getting to know other professionals in an atmosphere where you can enjoy the ease of conversation with a new acquaintance of the opposite sex in a comfortable, seated setting.
What is a Rotating Profile Dinner Date? In a nutshell, we seat you at a table with people of similar interests as determined by a brief questionnaire. But we add a unique twist – before dessert, we rotate the men to a tables with women whose interests are the opposite of theirs. It makes for an fun and exciting evening with a unique opportunity to meet single like-minded professionals. But don’t forget about the dinner. This event will take you on a cultural journey to Asia for an all you can eat Mongolian dinner at one of DC’s most popular restaurants, Tony Cheng’s, a Chinatown “institution” and Blue Ribbon Winner for 100 Very Best Restaurant Award. Tony Cheng’s offers some of the finest Asian food around.
PART 1 – THE PROFILE:  When you purchase your ticket for this event, you will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire about yourself (e.g., where you grew up, what is your occupation, what is your religion, what is your age, etc.), as well as some questions as to what you are looking for in a potential mate. You will not be required to complete any questions that you do not wish to answer. The iBlack team will use our system software to match you at a dinner table of 5 men/women whose interests and personality best match yours. Our software matching system is modern and accurate and may lead you to a former stranger becoming your future spouse.
PART 2a –  THE DINNER: FIRST HALF OF THE EVENING:  When you arrive at our event, you will be lead by an iBlack team member to your assigned table. Your table will consist of approximately ten fellow professionals (evenly matched between men/women) each of whom has completed the profiling questionnaire and best match your stated interests.
PART 2b –  THE DINNER: SECOND HALF OF THE EVENING:  After the main course of your dinner, men will be asked to rotate to a pre-assigned second table. The second table will be comprised of participants whose questionnaire responses may be the complete opposite of your responses. So what does that mean? Will you be stuck with someone that you know you will clash with? That’s not the case at all!!  More likely, you may find yourself sitting with someone whose music interests are different or who has different hobbies than you. By adding this unique rotation to our dinner dating event, you will be able to meet people that you may have thought you never had anything in common with yet they will open your mind to new ideas and experiences. Often it is people who are different from us that help enrich our lives and broadening our horizons.
PART 2c – THE DINNER: ALL YOU CAN EAT MONGOLIAN BUFFET Mongolian style restaurants are based on the centuries old practice of the Mongols, under the Mighty Khan. After days of fighting and hunting, they would gather in large community groups to celebrate their adventures and their successes by communing in banquet-style pavilions. The Mongols would create a “feast” for all to enjoy by combining slivers of meat & vegetables cooked on their overturned shields over a blazing fire. It is from this ancient tradition you will feast during our event. Part of the unique fun comes from YOUR ability to create your own “feast” from a variety of choice meats and seafood, fresh veggies & flavor-packed sauces, freshly cooked before your eyes (Mongolian-style) by expert chefs on a large, flat grill. Your dinner includes hot tea and ice cream with a cash bar available.
You do not have to be in a specific age group to attend this event. Our age group segments are only suggested parameters designed to help you find the most suitable group and events for you. All iBlack members are welcome to attend any event we host.
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Smart Casual. No jeans or sneakers please.

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Tony Cheng’s Mongolian Restaurant 619 H Street, NW Washington, D.C. (Closest Metro is Gallery Place, Chinatown)


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