Community Rules and Regulations

Disruptive or Offensive Conduct

Arguments/Offensive Language

Debates and discussion are encouraged on the iBlack Community. Disagreements and differing opinions are a certainty and can often lead to flared tempers. Things can be taken too far and have a negative effect on others who aren’t involved with the initial conversation. Keep it civil. Keep it friendly. Language used to insult or demean another user will promptly be removed and consequences will be initiated based on the judgement of the staff. Words like “fag**t” and “n*gg*r” are out of line and the appropriate context for which they’re permitted to be used is very narrow. The occasional swear is permitted, but using it in a hateful or provocative manner is not.

Personal Attacks

Language or insults specifically used to provoke another user is prohibited. Defamatory comments against one’s gender, sexuality, religion, or personal appearance will be dealt with quickly and accordingly by the staff. Persistent acts of incitement will lead to bans.


The iBlack Community, like any other social networking site, endorses thought-provoking discussion and friendly interaction between its members. Spam is distracting to the community and thoughtless posts/threads takes away from the quality of the boards. Posts and/or threads that do not garner intelligent discussion may be promptly removed. Topics not directly relating to its intended board may be moved to its appropriate board or scrapped. Topics that contain content, but have already been created may be removed to preserve content on the forums and prevent clutter. Excessive posting without contributive content may be removed and a warning be issued by the staff. Repeat offenders may face bans.


Trolls deliberately try to get a rise out of people by antagonizing them through wise-crackery or nonsensical statements/opinions. Troll statements are usually not intended to be serious, rather an attempt to rile up a community. It can take attention away from discussion and often will derail solid threads. Trolls will be warned or banned depending on the severity of the case.


Advertising content/products on a different system is not allowed. New users who register with specific intent to advertise will be promptly banned.


The iBlack Community has an extensive variety of users, most of which share an appreciation for entertainment. Please be respectful and understanding when talking about a certain subject, as not everyone has seen the movie or played the video game you’re talking about. If you wish to discuss something that may contain spoilers, mark your post with the appropriate tags and warn others so they don’t accidentally stumble across it.

Keep the site Safe For Work (SFW)

NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Content – Pornography & Gore

Keeping the iBlack Community SFW is important, as it ensures browsing protection to the individuals who use the site at work. There are certain guidelines users must follow out of respect for those who’d like to contribute in the workplace. Pornagraphic content and material is 100% prohibited and under no context is it suitable to be posted anywhere on the site. GIFS, Pictures, or links to pornographic sites will result in a ban. Gore is also strictly prohibited. Any GIFS, photos, or links to gore or repulsive content will be banned with no exceptions. This includes dead bodies, mutilation, blood, excrement, violent images, and animal cruelty. GIFS, Images, or links to content that is considered  ‘risqué’ may be permitted only when accompanied with a spoiler tag and a ‘NSFW’ warning. If a user wishes to post a thread with questionable material in the OP (Original Post) they must include a ‘NSFW’ tag in the title.

Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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